Start Ups

You’re a passionate entrepreneur looking to turn your idea into your first business venture. You’ve got some idea of what starting your business might involve practically – but the ‘world of business’ and accountancy is a mystery and full of confusing terms, thresholds, rules and regulations. You decide to visit a traditional accountant, who gives you an idea of your options and routes to take with your business, and sets you on your way.

How we work with you

After 12 months, you sit down with your accountant who tells you what you’ve earned, and how this translates to how much tax to pay. They may even make a recommendation on how to improve your tax position next year. But imagine if, instead, you had contacted Albert Goodman at the outset of your business’ journey – we can do more than just setting you on your way, with regular reviews and catch ups several times over your first year that will really help you flourish and get your trade off the ground, clearing up any of those points of confusion as we go. After 12 months we will already be clear on the business performance and we can focus on the targets for the following 12 months and beyond – setting what may seem ambitious goals such as when the first employee will be taken on, new expanded premises leased or that £1m turnover hurdle smashed!