Best Additional Add-ons in the Cloud

It can be tough to run a business. With so many different things demanding your attention, all of the time, it’s great to find things that can make a difference and help you out. Technology is undoubtedly one of those things.

So why not take some time to check out what cloud-based accountancy packages you may be able to exploit to make your life a bit easier, and perhaps have you saying “…technology these days…amazing!”

Is your business struggling with cash flow due to late-paying customers? How about a service like Satago? This bit of software allows you to quickly and effortlessly check potential new customers’ credit ratings before you accept a new deal. What’s really cool is that if you need to get the cash in fast from this deal you can do that with their Invoice Financing function, invoice by invoice and at a competitive rate. Your cash flow problem can be tackled!


Are you trying to grow your business, perhaps you’re putting a lot of effort into networking and online media, but you’re struggling to keep a track of contacts, leads, and your campaigns? How about a service like Insightly? This is a bit of software that saves you from building your own spreadsheet nightmare of lists of people, contact details, event planning, deal offerings and so on, combining it all in one place in a software that will integrate into your business reporting tool such as Xero. Less time spent on managing connections and more time spent delivering your business to your clients.


Perhaps your point of sales system is slowing down your business or causing a pain for your customers when you’ve done the hard work and just need to take their money. How about a service like Vend ( Vend can offer you what you need to take your new store, practice, trade or business from a cash- only disconnected sales system to a connected, smart payment system and till (including e-commerce) with analytics.

Perhaps you’d just like to be able to accept card payments from your customers, whether at your premises or even while you’re out and about. Try iZettle With iZettle you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a sales system, and  take card payments with the neat iZettle card reader which also does contactless payments. You’ll never have to say “cash only I’m afraid” ever again.


These are all just examples of the many add-ons or apps that can be used in conjunction with your cloud accounting package.