Keeping track of budgets is a challenge for businesses of all sizes. For small businesses who don’t have the infrastructure to have a specialist in house team, access to reliable budgetary information can be hard to come by.

Working with the Connex team and online accounting software gives you visibility over budgets and actual expenditure to help you to stay ahead, maximise profitability and save time. 

Online Accounting – Making Budgeting Simple

Having greater visibility of your daily, weekly and monthly business activity, will help you to better monitor your income and expenditure, and assist with future planning. Online accounting solutions, such as Xero, QuickBooks and Sage One, provide a simple dashboard interface to give you real time access to a whole host of financial information.


1Real time dashboards 

2. Automatically links with accounts information

3. Automated KPI alerts

4. Link in with your  Connex accountant