Business Improvement

You have been running your business for around five years, and in that time have learned what works for you and your business, but still struggle with the eternal obstacles of small businesses such as cashflow or finance. Your current small-practice accountant does your basic compliance work, in order to keep the cost to you down.

How we work with you

By switching to Connex by Albert Goodman, and bringing your record keeping up in to the cloud, we can prepare your compliance work at competitive prices while you still benefit from our big-practice expertise.

What’s more, the benefits to your business of online invoicing, tracking cashflow and automatic debt chasing will all help towards increasing your business performance. Using cloud packages, other options are now available to you that were never available before, such as invoice-by- invoice debt factoring (see Satago) ; direct debit style payments from customers (see GoCardless) or introducing a much more impactful customer-relationship management package (see sightly).). These are just some of the examples of add-ons that can be integrated with your cloud package, making a real difference to your business.