How can I make the switch to using online accounting software?

There are three basic steps to think about when considering converting your business records to a online accounting package.

Step One – Get in touch

Whether you’re starting out anew or running an established business; whether you’ve never sought assistance from an accountant before or have been a client of your advisor for years, the first step to get you using the cloud (online) is to communicate. 

Talk to us and let us know you’re interested – you may have already seen the package you want, or you may just want more information, we can explain the different options for you and provide demonstrations of the packages too.  We will be able to discuss the features and functionality that you will need or that you may want from the system – and importantly, put a plan in place for the following steps. 

Step Two – Consider the timing

It is always best to begin a new system of records at the start of a new financial period, to give the easiest possible transition.  Moving mid-year is still possible, and normal business peaks-and-troughs of workload can therefore be considered too.  This all feeds in to the timing of when you will make the switch to the cloud.  We can work with you to make sure the transition to the cloud is as smooth as possible.

Step Three – Get some training

While each online accounting system aims to be as simple as possible, and in many cases people are able to pick it up as they go, it is always good to get off on the right foot with some training with one of our certified advisors.  We will be able to check that the system is set up correctly for you and also be able to show you any tips and tricks that will make your use of the software even easier.  With the system in place and your knowledge growing, you’ll be set to start recording your business information in the cloud, and start collaborating straight away.

Final Bonus Step – Stay on top

While these first three steps will get you going using the cloud, the possibilities for teamwork between you, your business partners and us as your advisors can be developed, allowing you to stay on top of your financials, business plans and push your business’ performance forwards.

If you want to start your journey to the cloud, or perhaps have started and feel now is a good time for some assistance, please do get in touch with our cloud team at Albert Goodman.  We have certified advisors in Xero, Sage and Quickbooks as well as a huge depth of expertise in all accountancy areas, meaning that together with you, your cloud package and your Albert Goodman advisor by your side, your business will see great success.

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