Five Ways to keep your 2017 on track.

It seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating the New Year and wondering what 2017  had in store.  Did you consider some specific goals, changes or resolutions to keep during the year? If so now might be a good time to review these and see how things are going.  Here are five ways to help you keep your goals in mind and on the right path.

1) Remind yourself why

Be clear to yourself and the business about why you want to make a change or do something differently.  This is a great way to keep the goal focused.  It may have seemed like a good idea on 31 December to set yourself the goal of making sure your books are reconciled each week on a Friday, but things can get in the way or come up that you weren’t expecting. Once you miss that Friday session you had hoped for, suddenly your goal starts slipping.  Reminding yourself why you had that goal may allow you to re-focus the overall aim, for example, to making sure you review your financials more regularly.  This approach might be enough to help you regain motivation or traction to accomplish your goal.

2)  Failure to plan is a plan to fail

Spend the time to consider how you may be able to enact your desired change. If you don’t,  it will become impossible to put the steps in place that mean you see that change.  The plan can be a simple one, like dedicating 5 minutes when you get into the office considering what you’re going to do that day to help move you forward. It could , however, be a more complex consideration. It could be worth spending a day reviewing or putting together a revised business strategy document and formal plan.

3) Be flexible and adapt if required.

You’ve  considered why you wanted a change and worked out how you will get there. You’ve worked hard on achieving your goals but aren’t seeing any progress. The sad fact is that if your efforts haven’t got you anywhere, you may need to consider moving on and refocusing.  There is little use in persevering with actions and spending your time on things that won’t bring you closer to your goal.  You may find that your resolutions so far mean you are in a different situation to where you were at the end 2016, and you now need to re-adapt to change your arrangements once again to see further aims met.

4) Remain Calm and move on

If you glance at the calendar and think that 2017 is rushing past too quickly compared to what you have achieved so far this year – don’t panic!  “Keep calm and carry on” as the old adage goes; the year is long and there will always be plenty of time for you to meet your targets.  Don’t be disheartened where changes can be gradual or slower than anticipated if you’ve got your goals focused and a plan in place you will get there.

5) Seek Support

There are plenty of places you could look for help and support. Local business groups are great, as are business mentors. Of course, your accountant can help you with a whole range of business challenges (check out this useful article).  Each will open various avenues of support to you and your business.  For example, what Connex by Albert Goodman could do for you is help you have those initial goal considerations, how you will monitor them and assist you in putting a plan in place.  We can help you review these indicators, generate forecasts and help your business flourish. Whatever your business, put the steps in place to make the most out of 2017.