The Dorset Burger Company 

An independently owned award-winning restaurant based opposite Weymouth train station, along the seafront. The ethos of the business is to use as many locally sourced ingredients as possible to create delicious home made, chargrilled burgers in a relaxed atmosphere, with a fantastic customer experience.

The Dorset Burger company are proud members of both Dorset Food and Drink and Taste of The West and also won a range of awards praising the quality of their food.

Solving the Problem

For many years The Dorset Burger Company survived with a combination of spreadsheets and excel systems to manage all accounting matters, but realised that as a growing company there needed to be something more robust in place. The Dorset Burger Company contacted Albert Goodman and since then have never looked back.


The consultation was all about achieving a smooth transition between a labour intensive spreadsheet set up for accounting through to using a more sophisticated system like Xero. Albert Goodman were also able to use the consultation as an opportunity to discuss a range of other accounting matters and opportunities. 


After a lengthly discussion and an audit of requirements, Xero was selected as the most appropriate system. This was chosen because Xero could integrate seamlessly with the existing point of sale system Vend, meaning that all accounting information was joined up and accessible in real time. 


After spending the day with Alex and Jon setting up Xero, the great news was that the next day it was possible to start using the system, with knowledge of the training from the previous day still fresh in your mind.

Client Feedback

The luxury we have with Xero is being able to see and interact with a whole host of information simply and easily. Xero is easy to use and once we had the training it slotted right into our daily schedule. The combination of Albert Goodman and Xero means that we never have to worry about anything because we know that Xero links straight into the Albert Goodman team.