screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-22-11-16Enzo Ristorante

Enzo Ristorante have been clients of Albert Goodman for the last 16 years. We have worked with Enzo Ristorante through annual accounts, acquisitions and provided valuable advice which has helped the business to grow from strength to strength.

Solving the Problem

When Enzo Ristorate planned to open a new company, they first contacted our expert team at Albert Goodman for advice on an up to date EPOS system and accounts package.


After selecting suitable systems, our team organised a web presentation for the EposNow system and guided the team through options to integrate with the till system and also discussed how a online accounts package will fit with this case. In this instance Xero was the perfect solution as it integrated seamlessly with the EPOS system.


Once a solution had been recommended the Albert Goodman team visited the restaurant and worked with an engineer to ensure the set up was correct and to make sure the system was configured for the individual needs of the business.

As well as the EPOS system, we also provided training for Xero, ensuring that the team had a good understanding of what they need to do on a day by day basis.


The combination of recommendations has had a hugely positive impact on the business and has enhanced our long term working relationship between Enzo and Albert Goodman. 

Client Feedback

We are very satisfied with our choice of EposNow and Xero, which fulfil our stated brief and the professional advice and back up provided by Albert Goodman’s Jon Tate and Alex James.