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Blooming Social Media launched in 2011 with the sole aim of helping businesses realise the potential of using social media to bloom. Based in Somerset,  Blooming Social Media offer full outsourced social media support , campaign managementcontent Marketingsearch engine optimisationconversion Optimisationstrategyanalytics and social media training to businesses of all sizes!

Jim Rowe and Ellie Stride are Directors at Blooming Social and have been with the business from the start. “We grew quite quickly after launching in 2011; we initially worked with mainly start-ups, but fast forward to 2016 and we now work with a whole range of businesses across Somerset and Dorset” says Jim. “The variety is one of the great things about the job, one day we can be working with a brand new start-up with exciting growth potential, the next day we can be working with an established family business with over 100 years history and a £10 million plus turnover!”

Solving the Problem

Ellie who manages the finances for Blooming Social says “We wanted an accountant that was as forward thinking and au fait with technology as we are. We’d been with a local accountant using a traditional software package, but felt that we weren’t getting the type of advice that could help us grow the business.  A business we work with recommended speaking with Albert Goodman and we haven’t looked back since! Kevin Jutson and the team at Albert Goodman recommended an online accounting package for us and it has completely changed the way we manage our business finances. We are now much more connected with our accountant and the nature of the software makes it much easier to get in touch to ask questions on a regular basis. It’s the perfect mix of online technology and high quality advice.”


We met with Jim and Ellie to discuss how their business operates and the typical challenges they face. It was clear that they were very mobile, very busy, growing and would be best off with a system that simplified the data entry side and allowed us to give them advice on an ongoing basis rather than just at the year end.  We tested a few online accounting systems together and decided that Xero online accounting software was the most appropriate solution.


As with all new clients we spend time training the appropriate staff member in how to use the software. In the case of Blooming Social, this was particularly easy as Ellie has a background in accounts! Once the initial training took place, we have since helped to integrate Xero with other systems Blooming Social has in place, and helped them make the most of the software.


“Since switching to online accounting with Albert Goodman, managing the financial side of our business has become a lot easier and a lot clearer.”

“We’ve noticed a real improvement in a few key areas, notably a significant reduction in the time it takes clients to pay us, due to the easy and highly customisable invoicing software that comes with Xero. We’ve also found it is a great tool for managing our corporation tax position throughout the year, meaning there is no surprise tax bill at the end of the year. We’re really delighted with the service; it’s exactly what a business like ours needs”.