QuickBooks Online (QBO) has some great functionality within the mobile app (which is free in your app store – you just need a valid QuickBooks account).

You have the ability to create your Estimates on the go on your mobile; however, you can also get your customer to approve these whilst you’re with them.

Simply fill in the information for the Estimate, and hit the “Done” tick.

Once the Estimate has been approved, you get the option to “Get Signature”. This allows you to enter the customer’s name, pass them your phone (if you trust them enough!) and they can sign using their finger!

Again hit the “Done” tick, and your Estimate has been accepted!

All that’s left to do is convert the Estimate to an Invoice and you’ll be getting paid before you know it!

The conversion itself only takes 2 taps on your phone (“Convert to Invoice” and “Done”), as long as the Estimate didn’t require changes, and if you’re doing it as you go, there shouldn’t be anything to change!

If your customer is happy to pay there and then, you can also get them to sign the invoice, and mark the invoice as paid whilst you’re with them too. Great for recording cash receipts for sole traders.

You can, of course, send email copies of everything you create to your customer so that they have their own digital trail of the transaction. This will include their digital signature so there is no disputing that they accepted the Estimate and Invoice.

After you’ve raised your Estimates and Invoices on the go, you can check the impact on your Profit at the end of the day from within the app too by running your profit and loss report. You’ll get to see this as a graphical representation, so if you just want to quickly see the trend, or you want to get into the nitty gritty of the numbers, it can all be done here. Whether you’re sat on the sofa having a hard earned rest, or about to leave for home sat in your van (before you set off, of course!).