Cloud Accounting simply means your accounting data and software is accessible anytime, anywhere and on any of your devices.  It’s a smart, efficient and simple solution for you and your small business’ accountancy needs.  Still need convincing? We have put together ten top reasons you should choose Connex by Albert Goodman to help switch your business to the Cloud and start accounting online:

1. Staying up to date with your finances.

Putting off getting your latest records together and staying up to date with your finances? With Online Accounting solutions, staying up to date no longer requires allocating a weekend of your time to go through all your receipts. By using a bank feed you can reconcile your latest bank transactions as easily as checking your twitter feed; meaning you can nail your financial figures before even putting the morning coffee pot on!

Help us take away your bank reconciliation pain, talk to Albert Goodman about your bank feed options, training and getting set up.

2. Got questions? Get faster answers!

Using the Cloud allows you to share information with who you need to, instantly.  With the Cloud there is no waiting around for the postman to deliver the information, no files to be saved and transferred securely sharing data has never been easier! Add who you need to have access to your accounts and never be left waiting for a data transfer again.

We can deal with any query or concern you may have, no matter how big or how small, that you may have about your business.  With information in the Cloud we can collaborate in real-time we can help you make the decisions you need to make when you need to make them.time-is-money

3. Get paid faster.

Evidence shows that those businesses using online software are able to invoice, track and chase payments more efficiently than before, helping them to achieve the end goal of money in the bank with greater speed.  Couple this with the real-time reporting available in the Cloud to give you the complete feel and understanding of the cashflow of your business.

Using this improved cashflow and reporting, and the depth of expertise and experience we have at Albert Goodman, we can help shift your viewpoint from a historical or current perspective to fully forecasted future focus.

4. The last software update you’ll ever need.

Are you sick of constant ‘check for upgrades’ messages and having to down tools while your computer does another routine install of updates?  You get none of this in the Cloud, as the software is updated live, meaning you always have the latest product without any downtime.

And should you feel like you need a bit of a reminder or a one-to-one walkthrough of a new feature, Albert Goodman can provide training that suits you to make sure that you can make the most out of your online accounting package.

5. Not stuck at your desk anymore.

Just completed another job?  Get the invoice raised straight away!  On the way to another management meeting? Check the latest profit and loss while you’re on your way!  Anywhere with an internet connection can get you connected with your financials.

This means we’re not tied to our desks either – as your advisors, we can meet up wherever is convenient for you, perhaps remotely, and still be able to both discuss your live reports.not-stuck-at-your-desk-anymore

6. Disaster Averted!

If you lost your laptop, would you lose all your accounting records?  If your hard drive gave up the ghost, would you have to recompile hours of analysis and reporting?  Not if you were using the Cloud!  With information saved externally in the Cloud, if you decide to upgrade your PC for whatever reason you can have uninterrupted access to exactly the same data: PDFs, Spreadsheets and other documents can all be saved online.

In those times of crisis, we will be there to help you get things sorted.  And if you need it, Albert Goodman can offer cloud bookkeeping services to help you get back on track.

7. Monthly subscription costs give you flexibility.

Do you have to budget for a large annual expense for your accounting software?  Cloud solutions make this a lot easier by offering a variety of different packages at a monthly subscription price, making the cost simpler to deal with.

Get your subscription through us at Albert Goodman to take advantage of any discounts available too!

8. Integrate and build your own Solution.

In the olden days you could pay a fortune to have a bespoke system to generate items and help you keep a handle your business activities – but now you can get these all online, through add-ons and additional modules and features, your accounting software can be built in to just the system you need without that mega price tag.

If you feel your business has a particular niche that could prevent you from utilising the cloud, we may well still be able to help you by researching and recommending a suitable Add-On service to your potential cloud package.


9. Know that you’re working with experts.

That Albert Goodman has been working with clients for 150 years shows that we must we doing something right!  Our 280 staff has a huge depth and breadth of accounting, business, tax and planning knowledge.  Our proactive and personal approach allows us to act as trusted advisors to a wide range of businesses all across the south-west.

Albert Goodman is a Platinum level partner with Xero and Gold level partners with Sage and Quickbooks.  All of this together means we can tailor our service to suit you and your business needs.

10. Relax

Running your business can be difficult and produce a lot of pressure.  With Cloud software at your disposal, you can take the stress out of your reporting and compliance, allowing you to focus on your targets and the future.

Connect with us now to discover the best Cloud solution and take your next steps.

A photo by Clem Onojeghuo.